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Focusing On WHO You Need to Be

Bonus Coverage: Podcast Interview with Dr. Fern Kazlow

This is bonus advice from our interview with Dr. Fern Kazlow. Listen to the podcast here.

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Focus on Who You Need to Be Don’t Focus on What You Need to Do to Succeed, Instead Focus on WHO You Need to Be.

Most business advice focuses on what you need to do or the mindset you need to have to succeed. Instead, focus on becoming WHO you need to be to create the business success you want. You need to continually evolve to be the person you need to be to create—and sustain—your next level of success. Otherwise you—and your business—will get stuck. This doesn’t mean taking action and having the right mindset isn’t important. But if you’re not who you need to be, the actions you take won’t get you where you want to go. Striving for a “success mindset will be a struggle and can even lead you away from achieving the very success you desire. When you are who you need to be, you’ll be clear, committed, congruent and take the consistent actions required to maximize your business, brand, and marketing. – Dr. Fern Kazlow

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