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Become a WordPress Ninja with these 20+ Videos to help you manage and update your WordPress Website or Blog. It is also available for members of B16.co. Sign up to our membership site to get your copy!


You will have access to the following videos:

  1. What’s WordPress.org and WordPress.com
  2. How to Create a WordPress Website or Blog
  3. How to log into the backend of WordPress Website
  4. How to upload an image to WordPress blog
  5. How to publish a blog post on your WordPress Website
  6. How to create a WordPress Page
  7. How to Add a Page to a WordPress Menu Bar
  8. How to Edit Pages & Posts on your WordPress Blog
  9. How to Embed a YouTube Video into a WordPress Page or Post
  10. How to Find & Interact with Your Comments on Your WordPress Blog
  11. How to update a WordPress Widget
  12. How to Update WordPress Revolution Slider
  13. E-commerce: How to Add a Product to Your WooCommerce Store
  14. E-commerce: How to Add a Product to Your WooCommerce Store – Part 2
  15. E-commerce: How to Change and Edit Prices On Your Woocommerce Website
  16. E-commerce: How to Create a PayPal Button for Your WordPress Website
  17. Plugin: How to Change WordPress Notification Bar
  18. How to Edit Your Author Bio on Your WordPress Blog
  19. Plugin: How to Update the WordPress MaxButtons Plugin
  20. Plugin: How to implement security for WordPress Website:
  21. Plugin: How to use WP Yoast:
  22. Plugin: How to share to social media posts:
  23. Bonus: How to start your own media company:


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