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Hear the 16 things I learned from 1600 podcast interviews.

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Pre-order this eBook coming 1st Quarter 2023. You will receive your digital copy once it is released. 
This is not a step-by-step guide – This is a framework that will require work and probably the hardest thing that “Business Architects” have to establish–spaciousness. 
“Business Architects” are the CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners that have completed the first few rocky (3-5) years of business and looking to “level up” in key parts of their business (16 topics that I was able to compile from all the podcast episodes).
In order to level up, you have to look at and do an honest look at your organization and what thing(s) might have been ignored, neglected or maybe unaware of during the startup or sometimes even transition of your business. There are often foundational thing(s) that you can improve that can have a huge impact on the growth of your business.
It's not just from me but from over 1600+ podcast episodes, tens of thousands of blog posts roundup, book reviews and interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners that were at different stages, sizes, industries and types of businesses.
The entire idea of this eBook and the CBNation Library is that “we can see so much further by standing on the shoulders of giants” and that “success leaves clues.”
It could be hiring, culture, strategy, or one of the other 16 things. Also, hear some of the best and most consistent nuggets that I heard throughout the episodes.
However, this eBook is not about finding the “one thing” or the “silver bullet” that you just have to follow to grow your business; it's about creating space, time and introspection to evaluate your business and see what things might help you and your organization “level up.”


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