Business Blogging Course


This course will teach you how to Create, Grow, and Monetize Your Blog in Just 15-days!

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This course will teach you how to Create, Grow, and Monetize Your Blog in just 15-days! You will receive a download that allows you to access each of the modules instantly.

Module 1:

  • About Me
  • What is a Blog?
  • Why Blog?

Module 2:

  • Establish your Blogging topic
  • Create your Blogging avatar (includes HW sheet)

Module 3:

  • Name your Blog
  • Your Blog artwork

Module 4:

  • Top 5 reasons Blogs never launch
  • Walkthrough of my journey
  • Common Blogger Mistakes

Module 5:

Explanation of Blogging terms, including:

  • WordPress
  • Posts / Pages

Module 6: Hosting

  • What is a host, and why do I need one for my blog?
  • Recommended host & walkthrough
  • BONUS: Promo for hosting

Module 7: Create and Launch your Blog + Create Your First Post

The complete 10-step Blogging process:

  1. Choose a blog topic
  2. Find the right platform
  3. Setting up your domain, hosting & blog
  4. Create a post
  5. Create a title
  6. Write the content
  7. Add images, pictures, etc.
  8. Tag your post
  9. Add categorie(s)
  10. Schedule the post or publish

All in under 3 minutes!

Module 8: The 3 most important things you need in your Blogging journey

  • Mentor
  • Mastermind
  • Community

Module 9: The 3 most commonly asked questions by newbie Bloggers

  • What should I blog about?
  • Frequency of blogging
  • Length of blogging

Module 10: Blog content

  • How to find guest posters for your blog
  • How to find blog topics for your blog

Module 11: The perfect Blog launch plan

Module 12: The 4 biggest mistakes Bloggers make post-launch

Module 13: A stroll through CEO Blog Nation & CEO Press

Module 14: The Top 5 ways to grow your Blog

Module 15: The top 5 ways to Monetize your Blog

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This purchase is for digital content and link to download the PDF will be emailed to you instantly. Nothing will be physically mailed to you. Download to any computer or iPad, not a cell phone. Instant download means you can start reading today!


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