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When growing a business there are numerous outlets to get information. There are local libraries to browse through, government pamphlets and online research. These resources fail to compare with advice directly from those who have been there, done that. Fellow CEO, entrepreneurs, and business owners have already walked the same path and learned from their errors. Being able to share their advice may prevent others from doing the same with your business.

Here at CBNation, we help to increase the business success rate. So what better way is there than to give them the floor and heed their sound advice on business and entrepreneurial matters? The CBNation audience loves a steady supply of professional advice from business owners with a passion for all things business and entrepreneur-related.

What is CBNation Expert Program?

If this resonates with you, you might be a good addition to our tribe of CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs. It's not about titles and designations it's about spirit.  It's about learning, growing, giving and being a part of a movement.

What will being a member of The CBNation Expert provide?

  • Special designation as a CBNation Expert and Expert in your field by providing quality, trusted advice to a large, and growing, audience of entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Early access to our CBNation Roundup Questions to respond and provide your insight. You won't have to submit responses via PR tools like HARO & Source Bottle.
  • Early access to new products and services.
  • A short biography at the end of each article with a link to your business website.
  • The ability to network with other business owners in and outside of your field.
  • Your posts as a CBNation Expert can be promoted throughout the CBNation channels including social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • Inclusion into CBNation Expert only offers, activities, events and groups.
  • Exclusive Access to Members only webinars, conference calls and events.


  • If selected, there's is a cost to be an expert starting at $197/month.
  • We strive to make sure our experts are well represented in our roundup and across our sites. Being a CBNation Expert does not guarantee your posting online. Posting must qualify with all requirements before approved. If you haven't been approved after 10 posts, please contact our ambassadors for assistance to see how we may help you be featured.
  • We strive to provide unique content for our audience and on our website. For this reason, we will only accept content that has been written specifically for our readers, listeners and viewers at CBNation. There also is a minimum expectation for our experts to post.
  • Content written for the site must be non-commercial. There will be a byline added to the bottom of each article with your information contained within including a link to your site. Mentioning your business or product if fine within context, but flagrant self-promotion will not be allowed.
  • Inappropriate content sent in will be rejected immediately. This includes sexist, racist, homophobic or pieces laden with vulgarity.

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