Nominate for an Interview

Thanks for your nomination of someone for an interview. CBNation is a community of sites featuring entrepreneurs and business owners. We feature entrepreneurs and CEOs in numerous ways including:

  • E-mail interviews on sites like Hearpreneur or DMV CEO
  • Podcast interviews on I am CEO Podcast (newer podcast) +  CEO Chat. (Please note: podcast interview recording is paused until mid to late 2023. While we may record and reach out prior to mid to late 2023, please understand there may not be outreach until mid to late 2023.)
  • Video interviews on
  • We also have opportunities for guest posts on sites like Rescue a CEO.

Also, check out our FAQ page for more information.

If you know someone that is or would be a great person to interview, please complete the form below and we will review. We sometimes schedule an initial phone call/brainstorming session to connect.

Please note that self-nominations are accepted.

Also, please note that we review lots of nominations and pitches but we try to reply back to as many nominations as we can. We try to communicate as much as possible but because of the number of nominations and pitches, we can't always reply back to everyone.

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