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Our focus with CBNation+ [PLUS] is to provide resources that are in alignment with our mission to increase the business success rate. We do that by focusing on that mission in 2 ways–increasing the visibility of CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners and resources available to them and providing support for CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Networking & Visibility: Mastermind Group

This Mastermind features a Q & A site is where we compile the answers to our roundup questions. While we use platforms like HARO, this is where we will pre-post our questions and members can answer upcoming questions weeks in advance. We strive to make sure our Tribe members are well represented in our roundup and across our sites. Showcase your expertise, network and build relationships with CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners across the world.
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Sharpen Your Saw: Resources

We have lots of resources for entrepreneurs and business owners including:

  • Directory of CEO Hacks
  • WordPress How-To Videos
  • Directory of Resources for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners in DC, Maryland & Virginia (DMV)

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Sharpen Your Saw: Courses

FREE Access to our Courses:

  • You Are A Media Course
  • Start a Business Blog

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Sharpen Your Saw: Exclusive Content

Premium content ONLY available to members:

  • Blog Posts & Articles
  • Video Content
  • Audio Content

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Sharpen Your Saw: eBooks

Blog posts, articles, video and audio ONLY available to members:

  • I am CEO Volume 2
  • Business Plan 101
  • Startup DMV: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Doing Business in DC, Maryland & Virginia
  • The Blue 16 Corner
  • I am CEO eBook Volume 1
  • What if Aesop Owned a Business? eBook

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Save Time & Money: Community Resources

Member offers for many resources including the following:

  • GSuite
  • CEO Web Shop
  • Constant Contact
  • WeWork
  • Acuity
  • And More…

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“As a leader of a community of practice of entrepreneurs, I had Gresham speak to our group about websites, blogs, social media, SEO, and all the online stuff that we don’t necessarily realize is important as small business owners. Gresham provided a very professional, polished presentation that was packed with easy to digest nuggets of wisdom for our group. Participants were raving about the knowledge they had gained and left the presentation eager to implement new strategies to take their businesses to the next level. I’d recommend Gresham to anyone looking for an individual with expert knowledge in increasing one’s online presence…”

– Christina Eanes

“I met Gresham in September 2014 while visiting with his BNI Chapter group. Immediately I was interested in the services he had to offer. I reached out to him shortly after to see how he could be of service to me as a new business owner. I advised him of what I felt I needed and what I was searching for, all of which he had the knowledge and the skill set for; however, Gresham’s recommendation for me was to get started utilizing the services that were of no cost or very inexpensive for me. With the tips and ideas he made available to me I was able to jumpstart my self to success. In addition to this, he provided me with links and tutorials to help me understand the tasks at hand and offered to assist me in any way possible. I would definitely recommend Gresham to anyone who is need of SEO, Blog assistance, online advertising, and social media marketing.”

– Kristie Coles

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